Hula Hoop Workshops

Hula hoop workshops are a fantastic way to get people active and having fun.  Workshops can be provided for many different groups, children, teenagers and adults.  Workshops combine a mixture of fun, a good workout, dance, learning tricks and exploring movement with the hoops.  Games can be incorporated into the sessions for all ages.

Hoop workshops promote exersize and fun and are guaranteed to leave you smiling and laughing.  All workshops include a warm up and cool down sessions to ease the body into and out of the session.

Workshops are ideal for childrens parties, community events, festivals, school workshops and health and well being sessions.  The length of the workshop depends on you, but we recommend at least forty minutes as a minimum, workshops can last up to two and a half hours. 

'Hula hoop workshops are a fantastic way to get lots of people having fun and getting active.  I love to see people smiling, laughing and having fun in my workshops, I get a great buzz out of helping people to find their way of playing and dancing with the hoops.'

Carmel, greengeckohoops

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